For business travelers who are constantly on the go, tracking and submitting expenses can be a massive job. As the receipts pile up, so does the time spent on tedious administrative tasks and the chance for errors. However, by integrating Expensify into your accounting software, Integer can help save you the administrative time it takes to reimburse employees and track their receipts. Expensify is a hassle-free receipt and expense management system built for employees and loved by admins. With Xero and Expensify together, you get a match made in paperless heaven. Easily generate reports using the Expensify app, and export directly into Xero for easy categorisation. No more messy receipts and no more manual data entry into multiple systems.

Real-time expense reports in one click, seriously. Let Expensify’s intelligent automation handle your expenses in real-time. Because you have better things to do.

Expensify can import your Xero chart of accounts, tracking categories and customer contacts. Expenses can then be easily categorized, mapped to the appropriate cost centers, associated with customers for sales invoices, and then put together into reports for approval. Once the report has been approved by the manager or accountant, it’s exported into Xero as a purchase bill for reimbursable expenses or as a bank transaction for company cards.

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