We are a group of diverse individuals who have come together under one initiative to provide an uncharacteristic approach to providing tax, business consulting, tax provision, and software implementation services. One that fits your business model, and not ours. We understand risk, and what it takes to be a business leader, an entrepreneur, and a visionary. We want to enjoy the ride with you, every step of the way. When you decide to work with us, you will find a dedicated team of people that will help you navigate the complexities of running a business, laying it on the line, and going for it. We have years of experience in all matters tax preparation, business consulting, tax planning, bookkeeping, and software integration. When it comes to choosing a service provider, choose one that understands you, choose wisely, and choose Integer.

Our Mission

To provide businesses with avant-garde solutions to help demystify the financial responsibilities of running a company.

Welcome to Integer

We want to help your business plan and grow intelligently.

Owning a business is like having a second family. So why would you hire a CPA firm that sees you as a dollar sign instead of family? At Integer, we truly care about seeing your business grow and we want to be there with you for every stage.

Tax Preparation

We gain a comprehensive understanding of your company before starting any tax return preparation. Strategic tax planning is our first priority.

Tax Provision

We provide a wide range of outsourced tax provision services including tax provision preparation, annual and quarterly provision review & FIN 48 preparation.

Tax Planning

We can provide planning services that span a wide range of categories spanning from mergers & acquisitions to traditional tax planning.


An all-in-one platform isn’t just a buzz word that means software integration. We want every side of your business to be integrated.

Don’t waste your time using a huge assortment of service providers & software that never connect with each other. At Integer, an all-in-one platform means that your software systems communicate, your bookkeeping is where tax planning starts, and your company information is readily available to you in the cloud.

The Best of Both Worlds

A traditional CPA firm no longer suffices. We have the expertise & experience of a traditional CPA firm, but we are also a cutting-edge consulting firm.

Direct Communication

You should always be able to get in touch with your accountant. All of our clients have direct access to an Integer employee 24×7 through our back-end messenger.

Tech Best Practices

Through the implementation of cutting-edge technology at Integer, we practice what we preach. This saves us time and your business money.

Mobile Accounting Integration in Denver
Online Portal

We give all of our clients access to their own personal cloud portal where they always have access to copies of their tax returns & other important documents.

Tech Relief

Too much tech can be a bad thing. We avoid technology overload through the strategic implementation of tech that works for you and is appropriate for your business.

Go Digital

Just because you don’t have a Fortune 500 budget doesn’t mean that you can’t go paperless & digital. We can show you how.

So What’s next?

Ready to Grow? Join the Family!