Peace of mind from knowing that we are here to help you with decision making and the financial monitoring of your business

An experienced full-time CFO or controller will generally cost more than $100,000 per year. We can provide the experienced support that your needs to improve your decision-making capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses in a growth stage often reach a point where they need a finance and accounting professional on staff. However, often times it is not feasible to afford a full-time controller or CFO. This is a great position to be in because it means that your business is on the verge of extreme growth. If you are privileged enough to be in this position, let us help give your business the keys to financial success through our Business Consulting program.


Accounting Staff Training & Management

If your business already has a functioning accounting department, we can provide consulting to periodically train your staff and review interim financials. Sometimes internal teams can become complacent and it has been very beneficial to our clients that wanted an inspection of their books, but didn’t require an audited financial statement.


Establish Financial & Internal Controls

It is common for businesses to avoid implementing financial controls until something goes wrong. It is our goal to help you establish these controls up front and avoid any major catastrophes or thefts. An internal control can be as simple as requiring two signatures on a check and can be as complex as software customization. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of all employees steal at least once, and that half of these steal repeatedly. We can help you avoid being a statistic.


Budget Preparation & Monitoring

Preparing a budget doesn’t have to like getting your teeth pulled. We have business intelligence, performance management & analytics software that will help you quickly develop intelligent budgets. Don’t waste your time on outdated spreadsheets. Once your budget has been prepared, we will track your actual performance against the budget and provide you with useful data to help your decision-making process.


Tax Planning

Don’t wait until December to start tax planning for your business. Tax planning should be a dynamic process that is always changing and being reassessed. Your situation can change in the blink of an eye and we can be there to help you adapt to any situation. Many CPA’s are short sighted about business tax planning and they only think about tax effects on your business in the current tax period. Not only do we factor in the tax effects to the business, we “look-through” to the owners and we also plan for the subsequent tax periods to make sure that a position we take in the current year won’t affect you negatively in the future.


Industry Trend Analysis

Through industry trend analysis, we can help your business maintain its competitiveness against your competition. We start by analyzing past trends to gain a strong understanding of your industry. The next step is to look at the demand-supply mechanics so that we can understand the present. We then finish our analysis by creating a competitive scenario using Porter’s Five Forces Model. Stop following old trends and gain a competitive advantage by predicting new trends.


Financial Liaison Duties

Throughout the life of your business, you will need a financial professional to fight for you in negotiations with bankers, attorneys & insurance companies. Whether it is providing assistance in obtaining financing from banks or reviewing insurance contracts, we can help you negotiate the best deal for your company. We accomplish this through leveraging our extensive business experience & professional networks.


Exit Strategy Planning

Once you are ready to sell your business or bring on new partners and investors, we can help you with any M&A and transactional work that may arise. Don’t sign the dotted line until Integer has helped you analyze the tax consequences from the sale of your business. We have helped business owners with everything from succession planning to avoiding ordinary income treatment from the sale of their business.

So What’s next?

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