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Everyone’s needs are different so why would you hire a CPA firm that treats every return the same?

Have you ever felt like your current CPA is running a sweatshop where quantity over quality matters? Maybe the only time they call you is to ask why you haven’t paid their bill yet? Everyone who works in the Integer taxation department comes from a background with renowned National CPA firms. However, they all grew tired of being in an industry whose culture hadn’t evolved or changed since the 60’s. We will keep up with you throughout the year to understand what is going on with your business. And only after fully understand your year will we start to work on your tax return.


Entity Formation

An unwise choice in initial entity selection can come back to haunt you for the entire life of your business. Your entity selection choice is a tax planning opportunity and should not be taken lightly. The decision should factor in your compensation & exit plans, expected asset holdings, your industry, etc. Schedule a free consultation with us before jumping into a long-term commitment with an entity structure you are unsure about.


Tax Preparation

Nearly everyone in our firm has extensive tax preparation experience in large accounting firms. We have worked with everyone from publically traded multi-national corporations to individual billionaires. This experience gives Integer a huge edge over small local CPA firms because we have seen it all. We have taken the same strategies used by the biggest national CPA firms and tweaked them to benefit small & medium sized businesses/individuals. We guarantee the highest quality tax preparation services around and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients.


Payroll Tax Preparation

Payroll laws are always changing and vary from state-to-state. We make it our business to stay up to date with those changes to help you avoid the headache of payroll tax compliance. When it comes to payroll, the IRS and all 50 states have made payroll a nightmare for business owners. On average, business owners spend around 8 hours on payroll functions. Over the course of a year, this amounts to 12 full days that could be spent servicing your customers & generating sales. Let us give you a free consultation about how our payroll solutions could fit your needs & free up your time to help you manage your business.

Tax CPA’s Tired of the Status Quo.


Tax Estimate Preparation

The timing & accuracy of tax estimates are paramount to avoiding unwanted taxes (such as AMT), interest & penalties. We provide detailed analysis quarterly to make sure that our clients are making the required Federal and State tax estimates. Tax estimate preparation can be extremely complex due to common issues such as multi-state operations, Alternative Minimum Tax, passive activity gains & losses, depreciation estimates, etc. If you settle for sub-par estimates from a CPA firm that doesn’t dig into the details, you will eventually get burned by the huge underpayment penalties imposed by the taxing authorities.


Tax Planning

Integer provides tax planning on a local, state & federal level. We are constantly in communication with our clients to help them identify tax savings opportunities. We understand that, as your business grows & changes, so does your tax planning strategy. Don’t settle for a firm that only provides you with the same low level tactics every year. The tax code is dynamic and always changing. This makes it cumbersome for CPA’s to stay up-to-date, but it also consistently provides new tax planning opportunities.


Exit Planning & Transactional Work

Every business owner is faced with the decision to exit their business during the life of their company. Whether the decision is to sell the business or pass it down to the next generation, Integer is here to help. The sale of a business can have severe tax consequences for the owner or acquirer if not structured properly. However, with proper exit strategy & succession planning, we can help you have a solid exit strategy years before you decide to exit. Always stay prepared and plan for the future in every facet of your company.


IRS Controversy

It is always scary to get a notice from the IRS or a state taxing authority. Many times tax problems are caused by either the failure to file the appropriate returns on time or errors on tax filings. Integer prides itself on providing accurate and timely tax returns. We provide our clients immediate tax support & will stand by our work. If you are currently facing an IRS audit or lien, we can provide consulting and tax authority negotiation services to help you reach a reasonable settlement or resolution.

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